15 Awesome Living Room Green and Purple Interior Color Ideas

Pacific Heights Manor Living Room

You might think it is rather dark to put on the wall, but the soothing green is also calming it with the strong and is able to make a soft statement in any living room. Whether you like green jungle drama, playing lime green accents or staying classic with wise green sofas, there are big and small spaces here, endowed with light or less.

Traditionally, purple is known as the king’s color and it still adds dramatic luxury to any room. However, you no longer have to be in the ruling class to get a lavender accent. The touch of Violet is the perfect way to say something about the spirit of your character, but purple can also be soothing in lilac, or sensual in plum. The texture is read well in purple and that is why you often see velvet sofas or textured wallpapers.

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