Vertical gardens are a concept of gardening on a limited or narrow land. The concept of vertical gardens was created to utilize a narrow space where it is not possible to construct a garden horizontally. Vertical gardens are done by arranging plants and other garden elements in an upright (vertical) plane in such away.

Vertical gardening lately is increasingly loved by plant lovers, especially urban communities. This is in line with the “Urban Farming” program or city agricultural concept which is aimed at self-sufficiency in food, at least for the people themselves. This urban farming program is carried out not just to be a hobby and a lifestyle, but it has become a demand that must be met to anticipate the problems of high population and the threat of food and nutrition crisis in 2050.

Best Succulents Living Walls
Best Succulents Living Walls

Opinions developed in the community that applying the concept of Vertical Gardening is something that is expensive and complicated is not always true. In fact, vertical gardening can be done in a very simple and inexpensive way. Creativity is the main key to applying garden verticals to reduce costs as low as possible. In the application of vertical gardens only a simple idea is needed, the ability to use space efficiently, be creative in designing the garden, and the ability to use waste or used goods to be useful.

Green areas on narrow land should be restricted so as not to block the path. But this area must also stand out so that it matches the function of decorating the house. Can be done by placing plants in concrete pots made higher than the ground.

Here are the ideas of Succulent Vertical Garden for Living Wall Pictures:

Vertical Succulent Garden Kit
Vertical Succulent Garden Kit – Source:
Throwing The Perfect Succulent
Throwing The Perfect Succulent – Source:
Suitable For Succulents Herbs
Suitable For Succulents Herbs – Source:
Succulent Wall Panels
Succulent Wall Panels – Source:
Succulent Planter Kit
Succulent Planter Kit – Source:
Succulent Garden Frame
Succulent Garden Frame – Source:
Small Succulent Vertical Garden
Small Succulent Vertical Garden – Source:
Lush Vertical Gardens To Inspire
Lush Vertical Gardens To Inspire – Source:
Kids Room Hydroponic Wall
Kids Room Hydroponic Wall – Source:
Indoor Succulent Wall Planter
Indoor Succulent Wall Planter – Source:
Full Size Of Indoor Succulent Wall
Full Size Of Indoor Succulent Wall – Source:
DIY Recycled Pallet Wall Art
DIY Recycled Pallet Wall Art – Source:
Creative Diy Indoor Succulent
Creative Diy Indoor Succulent – Source:
Brainstorming A Super Garden
Brainstorming A Super Garden – Source:
Awesome Vertical Hanging Succulent
Awesome Vertical Hanging Succulent – Source:

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