12 Perfect Toy Storage and Organizing Ideas that will Make Your Room Comfortable

The clutter from toys can be maddening. Even after the kids are long asleep, it can feel like there is no end to playtime when you don’t have a place for everything. That is why these 12 toy storage ideas are going to change your life – and your living room.

No matter how big or small your space is, there is certainly toy storage or organizing idea that will suit your needs. Of course, it’s not just your needs that are on the table: your child may also have certain preferences that shape what style and color you decide to go with. That’s why having so many options on this list is useful. It will help you find something that speaks to you but also fits in with your child’s taste and bedroom theme.

Colorful Easter Egg Tree
Colorful Easter Egg Tree

You can simply purchase or replicate these ideas as they are, or, if they don’t fit your space quite right, you can get clever and modify them to accommodate your living arrangements. Ranging from simple and neat to colorful and fun, each storage option offers something unique. Just be sure to think through what you need and the space you have, and then get to organizing.

1. Wide Five Drawer Study Storage Dresser

Coming in a gender-neutral gray and white, this short and sturdy dresser will go with most any nursery design. Your child will be able to easily open and close the soft linen drawers, which may encourage them to help with pickup. With many other matching pieces, this option is great if you are thinking of adding more furniture.

Wide Five Drawer Study Storage Dresser
Wide Five Drawer Study Storage Dresser – Source: amazon.com

2. A Classic Toy Chest with a Twist

This gray soft linen toy chest draws inspiration from the classic design, featuring a wide compartment that can be left as a single open space or split into two compartments with a divider. The best part about this piece is the fact that when you aren’t using it, it folds up flat for super simple storage.

A Classic Toy Chest With A Twist
A Classic Toy Chest With A Twist – Source: amazon.com

3. Bright White Hidden Bench Storage

There is hardly anything more satisfying than multi-functional storage. In this case, what appears to be a bench is also a treasure trove of your tot’s favorite toys. This bench is nice and wide, allowing you to store many toys. You could even add your own cushions or pillows on top to pump up the decorative aesthetic.

Bright White Hidden Bench Storage
Bright White Hidden Bench Storage – Source; pinterest.ru

4. Four-Tier Bin Organizer

While it can be nice to tuck away all the toys in a chest, large storage devices can make finding what you are looking for a bit tricky. That is where bins save the day. The slight tilt of each of the four levels ensures you can always see what’s inside each of its twelve bins.

Four Tier Bin Organizer
Four Tier Bin Organizer – Source: ebay.co.uk

5. Adorable Polka-Dotted Dresser

Sometimes, especially in a smaller space, going wide isn’t the best option. Instead, consider a dresser that stands tall like this one. Perfectly suited for any little girl’s room, the adorable pink and white polka-dotted fabric drawers are sturdy and easy to use. With spacious drawers, you may even have room for clothing and accessories, too.

Adorable Polka Dotted Dresser
Adorable Polka Dotted Dresser – Source: ikea.com

6. Super Easy Canvas Play Bag

After a fun and exhausting playtime, it can seem like the best idea is just to roll the carpet up and store everything away in a second. This amazing play mat means you can, making clean-up an absolute breeze. The mat itself converts into a storage bag in seconds, leaving you with tidy, mess-free space.

Super Easy Canvas Play Bag
Super Easy Canvas Play Bag – Source: homedepot.com

7. Cute Animal Canvas Toy Box

Canvas is a great material for children’s storage. It’s soft, durable, and easy to use. This particular canvas chest takes the design level up a notch by adding an adorable animal to the front of the box. With twelve different options, you will be sure to find one of your kid’s favorite creatures.

Cute Animal Canvas Toy Box
Cute Animal Canvas Toy Box – Source: pinterest.com

8. Sturdy Pink and Green Storage Bins

This storage bin is designed with safety in mind and comes with easy-to-use wall anchors. Of course, in kids’ eyes, fun is just as important as safe, and with these bins, your kids can add their own creative touch with customizable stickers of all different shapes for the bins and the sides of the tower.

Sturdy Pink And Green Storage Bins
Sturdy Pink And Green Storage Bins – Source: ikeahackers.net

9. Perfect Princess Storage Bench

If you have a little princess in your life, this petite toy storage bench is a wonderful choice. With a beautiful design and sweet cushions, this toy box is practically made for royalty. In fact, if you didn’t know that it was a storage bin, you probably wouldn’t even notice its practical functionality. A perfect addition to your royal cutie’s room.

Perfect Princess Storage Bench
Perfect Princess Storage Bench – Source: amazon.com

10. Hanging Blue Herringbone Closet Storage

Sometimes it seems like everything ends up shoved in the closet. With this hanging organizer, you can take back that closet space and make it into something functional. This closet hanger offers a few small drawers, three large cubbies, and four small cubbies to provide you with more than adequate storage space.

Hanging Blue Herringbone Closet Storage
Hanging Blue Herringbone Closet Storage – Source: pinterest.ru

11. Simple Hanging Toy Chain

Great for the child who adores all their stuffed animals, this toy chain not only stores furry friends but displays them, too. When bears and dogs are thrown in a box, it can be hard for your little one to find the special buddy they want to take along. With the toy chain, all animals are always visible for easy finding.

Simple Hanging Toy Chain
Simple Hanging Toy Chain – Source: homebnc.com

12. Door-Hanging Storage Bin Animals

On this fun and playful door organizer, four individual bins work together to create a fun animal pattern. This hanging storage doesn’t take up much space and can hold anything from books to toys to dolls. With four animals to choose from, this storage option will work in any bedroom or even in the bathroom for all those bath toys.

Door Hanging Storage Bin Animals
Door Hanging Storage Bin Animals – Source: ebay.com

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