10 Perfect Bedroom Ceiling Design Ideas For The Convenience Your Sleep

Small rooms should not be a problem for residents. You can apply various tricks to make the room feel bigger and more comfortable. Not only that, the ceiling of the room can be made as attractive as possible so that the tiny bedroom looks prettier.

In addition to being coated with colored paint, the ceiling of the room can also be enhanced with fabrics or various other decorations. Interested in trying it out, let’s look at some of the following ideas!

Perfect Bedroom Ceiling Design
Perfect Bedroom Ceiling Design

1. Bedroom Ceiling Or Night Sky?

For those of you who live in a big city full of tall buildings, it will be very difficult to have the opportunity to enjoy the starry night sky. This is because the stars are covered by light pollution at night. This one bedroom ceiling idea will help you to enjoy the night sky without buying star binoculars.

Star Ceiling Bedroom
Star Ceiling Bedroom – Source: albertolamaphotography.com
Design Of A Ceiling
Design Of A Ceiling – Source ru.all.biz

You only need black or dark blue paint, then add a number of stars with white or yellow paint. If necessary, buy a light in dark star-shaped wall decoration. Your sleep time will feel more pleasant and relaxed.

2. Room Ceiling Ideas with Fabrics And Chandelier

The idea of the first room ceiling was with ornaments in the form of cloth and crystal lamps. Choose brightly colored fabrics with simple motifs to coat the larger ceiling of the room to create a wrinkle effect. After that, attach the chandelier with the same color and style as the focal point of the ceiling.

Amazing Ceiling Design
Amazing Ceiling Design – Source: kumparan.com
Amazing Bedroom
Amazing Bedroom – Source: thouswell.com

3. Bedroom Ceiling Ideas With Open Shades

If your child’s room is also used for playing, try the ceiling idea of this one room. If previously we have discussed the ceiling of a star-filled room, this time the opposite is the sky during the day. To make it easier, you can use wallpapers painted with clouds equipped with clouds. Add also a large lamp framed to resemble the sun and a butterfly hanger. Guaranteed your child will really like it.

Outdoors Ceiling
Outdoors Ceiling – Source: vitrazh1.ru
Art Ceiling
Art Ceiling – Source: vybor44.ru

4. Bedroom With Mirror Ceilings

Want to try a bolder ceiling space idea? Try decorating the ceiling of the room with pieces of mirror that are shaped like objects. Besides looking cool, this mirror can also make your tiny room look wider. But, make sure to install it correctly so that the mirror cannot be separated.

Bedrooms With Ceiling Mirrors
Bedrooms With Ceiling Mirrors – Source: thebalibible.com
Bedroom With A Mirror On The Ceiling
Bedroom With A Mirror On The Ceiling – Source: tophotelsales.ru

5. The Ceiling Ideas With Indirect Lighting

Try the ceiling design of the room with additional indirect white or yellow soft lighting for a room that looks luxurious. To be more dazzling, the ceiling of the room surrounded by indirect lighting can be covered with wallpaper with abstract motifs.

Small Bedroom With Indirect Lighting
Small Bedroom With Indirect Lighting – Source: adrianogrillo.com
Modern Lighting Bedroom
Modern Lighting Bedroom – Source: theenz.com

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