15 Awesome Living Room Green and Purple Interior Color Ideas

Pacific Heights Manor Living Room

You might think it is rather dark to put on the wall, but the soothing green is also calming it with the strong and is able to make a soft statement in any living room. Whether you like green jungle drama, playing lime green accents or staying classic with wise green sofas, there are big and small spaces here, endowed with light or less.

Traditionally, purple is known as the king’s color and it still adds dramatic luxury to any room. However, you no longer have to be in the ruling class to get a lavender accent. The touch of Violet is the perfect way to say something about the spirit of your character, but purple can also be soothing in lilac, or sensual in plum. The texture is read well in purple and that is why you often see velvet sofas or textured wallpapers.

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10 Wonderful Bird Bath Design Ideas For Your Backyard Inspiration

Resources DIY Tomato Cage Bird Bath

Bird bathing is very important for any friendly bird landscape. Even though there are various types of bird baths that you can buy, there are more ways to bathe yourself with recycled, recycled, or repurposed materials, no matter what your crafting skills are.

A beautiful unique design will add to the beauty of your garden with this beautiful and unique birdbath. Therefore, let’s look at 10 unique and beautiful birdbath design ideas for you to try.

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10 Best Unique Backyard Design Ideas For Summer Outdoors Ideas

A Listed Coach House Garden

Everyone wants a beautiful backyard, but hiring a landscape designer can get expensive. These tutorials work for big or small spaces, so you can easily create the backyard of your dreams.

When it comes to backyards, bigger isn’t always better. Small outdoor spaces can be just as enjoyable for entertaining in the spring and summer as spacious ones—and tiny yards and patios also mean much less maintenance. From vertical gardens to miniature storage and water features, these beautiful, space-saving landscaping designs and small backyard ideas will transform any outdoor space into a cozy retreat with big style.

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15 Impressive Gray and Turquoise Color Scheme Ideas for Your Kitchen

Luxury Kitchen Nook Design

If it’s time to choose to make a new look for the kitchen, we often try to increase the number of storage shelves so that the kitchen looks neater. Color selection was finally ignored and thought about lately. So when the colors don’t match, we can’t replace them because we have spent a lot of money on shelves and drawers. In fact, color is also quite important for the kitchen, so you are more excited when doing activities all day there.

For that, a little touch of the aesthetic in the kitchen can change the total appearance of the kitchen. Not infrequently, this color selection actually makes your kitchen look charming and perfect when seen. Before you decide to call experts to change your kitchen, let’s read the following perfect color kitchen guide! That way, you can get a kitchen that suits your personality.

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15 Best Succulents Living Walls Ideas For Indoor Vertical Garden In Your Living Room

Vertical Succulent Garden Kit

Vertical gardens are a concept of gardening on a limited or narrow land. The concept of vertical gardens was created to utilize a narrow space where it is not possible to construct a garden horizontally. Vertical gardens are done by arranging plants and other garden elements in an upright (vertical) plane in such away.

Vertical gardening lately is increasingly loved by plant lovers, especially urban communities. This is in line with the “Urban Farming” program or city agricultural concept which is aimed at self-sufficiency in food, at least for the people themselves. This urban farming program is carried out not just to be a hobby and a lifestyle, but it has become a demand that must be met to anticipate the problems of high population and the threat of food and nutrition crisis in 2050.

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10 Comfortable Home Decoration Ideas for Fun Winter

Tealight Log Centerpiece

If you will survive to have to spend more time at home than usual thanks to the cold weather outside, it needs to feel really comfortable and inviting. You won’t leave Christmas decorations until March (please, don’t do it), so you need a way to change it. Get rid of red and green and remove neutral colors, deep gem tones, and a comfortable texture. Whether you want to make DIY some new things or work with what you have, we have an idea for you on this list.

Ease in your Christmas decorations after the holidays with these DIY winter decorating ideas. Make every room in your home including your terrace feel warm, comfortable and inviting, so you will have the perfect place to relax when the cold weather arrives. That way you can also be ready to create this year’s Christmas decorations.

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20 Cheap DIY Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas for Your Apartment

Thanksgiving Themed DIY Crafts

The holiday season is almost here, ladies and gentlemen! The first one to appear quickly on the calendar? Thanksgiving, holidays are all about being grateful for what you get and enjoying a few drinks until you vibrate. For many people, this year is full of trips and trips to visit family and friends.

But long-distance travel is expensive and sometimes the plan doesn’t work, which means there are always a number of First Apartment who celebrate holidays in their apartment surrounded by roommates, neighbors, and friends.

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15 Impressive Mediterranean House Ideas for You to Try

Modern Mediterranean Living Room

What comes to your mind first and foremost in association with the word ‘Mediterranean’? Is it a delicious seafood salad, or a sip of a premium red wine? Does it perhaps remind you of long seaside walks, long swims, or cheerful music?

Mediterranean design covers more regions than you can imagine, drawing from countries in northern Africa, western Asia, and southern Europe. Although each local has its own unique offer, this region has many similarities in design that are admired throughout the world. Whether it’s an aquatic palette that echoes the beaches of the Greek Islands or uses luminous textiles from Morocco, the Mediterranean style is warm, rooted in history, and very beautiful.

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10 Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas That Feel Spacious

Room Were Behind The Closet And Bed

Building a house in a limited urban area or living in an apartment, you have to think carefully about how to maximize the angle in each house, especially the family activity space.

Even though every room has been optimized, the possibility of having a spacious and magnificent bedroom just seems to be wishful thinking and you should be willing to have a simple bedroom.

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15 Modern Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas For Makes The House Look Elegant

Minimalist Modern Design Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house. Every house usually has a space that is deliberately designed to be a kitchen. To make delicious and delicious dishes does not only require selected ingredients and recipes. But also the spirit that is embedded within to cook.

If you are already passionate about cooking, whatever your cooking will be more delicious. The enthusiasm can be encouraged by the neat arrangement of the kitchen. Of course, you don’t want to cook food in a dirty and dirty kitchen. Therefore you need to arrange your kitchen so you can look neat and comfortable.

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