10 Lovely Kitchen Rack Design Ideas For Smart Mother

Forget the cupboards and equipment for a moment and think about your much-needed kitchen and you will realize how important the shelf is!

Ask the kitchen planner so that you have aesthetic and fun shelf access. This is the key to fully enjoying functional and practical space, so we think it’s important to show you some of the best style choices out there. If you need to prepare a rack game, be prepared to be confused with the various options available, but be sure to choose the best and to suit the aesthetics of your home!

Kitchen Rack Design
Kitchen Rack Design

1. Specially Designed For Kitchen Appliances

Shelves that have been designed for very specific purposes can be very useful, especially in your kitchen. If you want to maintain a clear surface, you need to think about using an equipment rack. This microwave rack is a genius way to store practical tools near you, without feeling clogged.

Specially Designed For Kitchen Appliances
Specially Designed For Kitchen Appliances – Source: thunderapp.me

2. The Front Area Is Open And Fantastic

Wooden shelves are very good, especially if you don’t have to bother with doors that blend with the industrial look. Here you can see that wood fiber really shines and matches the bottom cupboard which is very perfect.

The Front Area Is Open And Fantastic
The Front Area Is Open And Fantastic – Source: gardenandhome.net

3. Beautifully Lit

Regardless of what rack style you have, you can make it better exponentially if you add some stylish lighting! This is not only a beautiful aesthetic touch because it will also offer fantastic lighting potential.

Beautifully Lit
Beautifully Lit – Source: kixtrix.com

4. Simple Floating Version

There’s nothing wrong with a simpler approach to the kitchen shelf and we know that you really like the idea of floating shelves without a bracket. Remember to check the weight limit before you start stacking your Le Creuset on them.

Simple Floating Version
Simple Floating Version – Source: kitchenorganizerrack.com

5. Stainless Steel Industry

This is a great alternative to driftwood; stainless steel! Steel will not only provide a more industrial appearance and create a beautiful reflective surface, maybe even a little stronger. Brilliant!

Stainless Steel Industry
Stainless Steel Industry – Source: aliexpress.com

6. Almost Nothing!

Blink and you can skip this thin and thin wooden shelf because this bracket is very thin and soft. The natural wood mixed with black metal bracket looks very beautiful and can work well in kitchen style.

Almost Nothing!
Almost Nothing! – Source: vo.charles.ru

7. Kitchen Island Shelves

Your kitchen island can be far more useful than you know! Adding a striking cover rack to your island will give you a good place to store lots of cookbooks and even arrangements and equipment.

Kitchen Island Shelves
Kitchen Island Shelves – Source: gillhayestalent.com

8. Default Style Bookshelf

This rack looks very big because the color matches the wall and seems to continue from the main kitchen. The shelves are large and open to occupy various items, ranging from recipe books to good kitchen utensils and very neat colors!

Default Style Bookshelf
Default Style Bookshelf – Source: labrc.info

9. Combined With Cabinets

If you want to combine shelves and cabinets, you get it! There is no rule that says that long shelves cannot meet useful cabinets and vice versa, in fact, we think this is a great innovation because you get all the benefits of different storage options.

Combined With Cabinets
Combined With Cabinets – Source: silverlinesystems.com

10. Other Than The Others

Last but not least, we have arrived at an unusual and funky shelf style! If you are proud to always find unique design accents, then you must look into the shape of this shelf. We are sure there will not be any of your friends who have the same design!

Other Than The Others
Other Than The Others – Source: dhgate.com

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