10 Best Thanksgiving Decor Ideas For Comfortable Party

Whether you decide to DIY or buy, autumn’s almost upon us — and that means decking out the house from the floors to the rafters with pumpkins, leaves, and cozy touches. Get inspired on how to spruce up your home this holiday season by checking out these cute Thanksgiving decorating ideas.

Between carving the turkey and baking the pie, flowers and pumpkins are probably the last things on your mind. But we’ve got your back with some decorating ideas that are super easy, quick, and cost-effective. No matter what your patience level, you’ll find something to make your T-Day extra festive on this list.

Best Thanksgiving Decor
Best Thanksgiving Decor

1. DIY Balloon Centerpiece

What’s a party without balloons? Use them as your Turkey Day table runner and you’ll knock out two decor must-haves in one.

Balloon Centerpiece With Pink And White
Balloon Centerpiece With Pink And White – Source: cleanandscentsible.com

2. Naturally Dyed Linens

Your guests will never believe that these napkins were dyed using turmeric and basil.

DIY Table Decoration
DIY Table Decoration – Source: deavita.net

3. Paint Some Pumpkins

Orange and brown? For Thanksgiving? Definitely not groundbreaking. This year, rainbow it up.

Creative Ideas For Painting Elegant Pumpkins
Creative Ideas For Painting Elegant Pumpkins – Source: blog.lilyandval.com

4. Bring Some Color To Your Leaves

Fall foliage is gorg, but we have another idea. These ombré leaves are totally stunning—and super easy to make.

Autumn Delights
Autumn Delights – Source: gracesgardenwalk.blogspot.com

5. Keep It Simple

Emily Henderson’s Thanksgiving table is everything ours aspires to be—it’s warm and modern, totally inviting, and definitely not fussy.

Thanksgiving Decor Ideas
Thanksgiving Decor Ideas – Source: makingitwithdanielle.com

6. Use Pumpkins As Name Tags

Tell everyone where they’re sitting in the cutest way possible. Bonus? They can take these home after as party favors.

These Printable Pumpkin Leaf Tags
These Printable Pumpkin Leaf Tags – Source: pinterest.ru

7. Turn Crepe Paper Into Corn Husks

Popcorn actual corn. We’re dying over these adorable crepe paper corn husks.

Crepe Paper Corn Husk Popcorn
Crepe Paper Corn Husk Popcorn – Source: liagriffith.com

8. Add Some Metallics

All that glitters are gold pumpkins. Spray paint your pumpkin, then use it as a vase.

Dinner Table Decorations Finest
Dinner Table Decorations Finest – Source: kharitoure.com

9. DIY Paper Leaf Thanksgiving Table Runners

Ask your kiddos if you can borrow their colored construction paper for this super quick DIY. It costs nothing but looks seriously impressive.

DIY Thanksgiving Table Runners
DIY Thanksgiving Table Runners – Source: momtastic.com

10. Printable Thanksgiving Tags

You could use basic name tags, but these cute messages will be a much bigger hit with your holiday guests.

Printable Thanksgiving Tags
Printable Thanksgiving Tags – Source: stylemotivation.com

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