How to Create Beautiful Winter Shades to Your Home

The term Hygge comes from the Danish concept, friend! The Danish concept is a room design decoration concept originating from the Danish country that became the forerunner of the Scandinavian design style that is well-known and popular in the world of interior design. In the design language that is cooler, the Danish concept is called Hygge.

Hygge can easily be defined as an interior design decoration style that carries a simple concept with a touch of earth tone with an atmosphere that is suitable for winter.

Hygge is easily read as ‘hoo-ga’ or ‘hue-gah’! Hygge is a word in Norwegian. So that it is popular among Eastern European countries (Denmark, Norway, etc.). In fact, Hygge-style room decor is often applied when winter arrives. Well, here we will provide easy tricks to make Hygge classy, elegant and beautiful room decorations!

Beautiful Winter
Beautiful Winter

1. Add Wax

Hygge-style room decor if you add candles, it will create an impression that is more intimate, private, cozy, warm and relaxing when you are in the room to chat or just relax.

1 Add Wax 1
Add Wax 1
1 Add Wax
Add Wax

2. Add texture

Adding a texture or game of material that is different from sofa material such as feather pillows, fur sofa cover cloths or even fur rugs like the following can add winter to your room.

2 Add Texture
Add Texture
2 Add Texture 1
Add Texture 1

3. Must be simple

Hygge applies colors that are simple and not diverse. The colors with earth tone are more applied to present a simple and elegant impression.

3 Must Be Simple
Must Be Simple
3 Must Be Simple 1
Must Be Simple 1

4. Don’t overdo it

The presence of decorative elements in the Hygge-style room is indeed recommended not to be too complicated, or excessive. Simply add a simple flower vase on the dining table like the following to beautify the dining room.

4 Don't Overdo It
Don’t Overdo It
4 Don't Overdo It 1
Don’t Overdo It 1

5. Use Loungewear

Loungewear is the knit material on clothes, shoes (fashion) that you have! This material can also be used, you use it as an accent of room decor that fits with Hygge’s winter concept.

5 Use Loungewear
Use Loungewear
5 Use Loungewear 1
Use Loungewear 1

6. Modern and Classical Matches

The combination of classic elements in the form of a fireplace, wool carpet with a modern chair and feather pillows is a mix of modern and classic/vintage materials that fit right!

6 Modern And Classical Matches
Modern And Classical Matches
6 Modern And Classical Matches 1
Modern And Classical Matches 1

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