10 Gorgeous Summer Decor Ideas to Upgrade Your Home Comfortable

Celebrate a sunny summer with the same decoration and bright and pleasant. You can tidy up your yard, decorate your patio or terrace, add bold colors to the interior of your home, or simply show your appreciation for all things summer with this extraordinary decoration. Home decorations and handmade gardens are on the rise. Every artist makes unique and original works that you can’t find anywhere in the store. Whether your style is more farmhouse, vintage, classic, or weird, here is the right place to find inspiration for bright and fun summer decorating ideas.

What makes handmade decorations so special? The summer decoration item feature depends on the style you are aiming for. Some popular techniques for making decorations are painting and sanding, aging and burning, custom printing, sewing, and many others. There is a lot of creativity, love, and hard work that covers every part. Whether you’re shopping or looking for inspiration to make your own summer decorations, see these 15 amazing summer decorating ideas.

Gorgeous Summer Decor
Gorgeous Summer Decor

1. Whimsical Watermelon “Summer” Banner

Nothing says “summer” more than watermelon! This drool-worthy watermelon-themed banner is brightly hand-painted on triangular pieces of burlap strung on jute twine. Measuring in at approximately 33” inches in length, this banner is lightweight and perfect for indoors or outdoors. It can be used as a festive decoration for summer parties or just to add some fun color to your environment.

Whimsical Watermelon “Summer” Banner
Whimsical Watermelon “Summer” Banner – Source:  interesportal.ru

2. Sunny Forsythia Monogram Wreath

Bright and cheerful, yet very classic and elegant, this faux forsythia wreath is an absolutely stunning addition to your interior walls, front door, or covered porch. A grapevine base adorned with sweet yellow forsythia and a large bow accompany a custom monogram letter. Imagine the curb appeal this will bring to your home, even on a rainy day!

Sunny Forsythia Monogram Wreath
Sunny Forsythia Monogram Wreath – Source: guide.alibaba.com

3. Warm White Fairy Lights

There is nothing more romantic than warm white lights adorning a beautiful summer evening. They are reminiscent of catching fireflies in a jar as a child. These lights can be placed in mason jars, vases, strung up, or just about anything else you can think of! Imagine using these lights as beautiful centerpieces for an evening wedding, or stringing them outside for a late-night dinner on the patio.

Warm White Fairy Lights
Warm White Fairy Lights – Source: wethrift.com

4. Adorned Wooden Scrapbook Blocks

These pine blocks are hand painted and antiqued before being finished with bold summery scrapbook paper and vinyl lettering. The mixed color and block height scheme makes for a seemingly random and whimsical design. These blocks would be perfect as mantel decoration. Often, we find there are tons of mantel decorations for winter and Christmas, but very seldom for summer!

Adorned Wooden Scrapbook Blocks
Adorned Wooden Scrapbook Blocks – Source: craftwoodshack.com

5. Tropical Canvas Printed Pillow

Tropical green leaves set upon an unbleached cotton canvas backing make for the perfect earthy summer decoration. While this is an indoor pillow, it makes a great summer decor idea for indoors or outdoors. This would look beautiful on any patio set, sun-porch, or living room set, adding just the right amount of a tropical vibe without being overly bright or bold. The deep green hue would also look wonderful paired with a bold color scheme!

Tropical Canvas Printed Pillow
Tropical Canvas Printed Pillow – Source: curioos.com

6. Farmhouse “Hello Sunshine” Sign

The farmhouse-themed decor is all the rage right now and for good reason! This wooden piece is stained dark and then distressed with white paint. On it, “Hello Sunshine” is painted in black with gorgeous yellow sun rays streaking behind it. At six feet tall, this piece is sure to be an attention-grabber. Perfect for leaning against the porch with some flower pots or adding a touch of summer to your interior.

Farmhouse “Hello Sunshine” Sign
Farmhouse “Hello Sunshine” Sign – Source: pinterest.ru

7. Vibrant Banana Leaf Banner

This tropical banner is excellent for summer parties, barbecues, or even Hawaiian themed luaus! It is sewn from cotton fabric and measures about 6 feet in length when hung. It’s also double-sided, which makes it perfect to hang overhead in a doorway or outdoors as the design can be seen from both sides.

Vibrant Banana Leaf Banner
Vibrant Banana Leaf Banner – Source: yandex.com

8. Bumble Bee Hanging Ornament

Who says hanging ornaments is just for Christmas trees?! This adorable salt dough bumble bee ornament will prove you otherwise. It’s completely hand-cut and hand-painted and affixed to a natural jute cord. This would look excellent hung on your indoor plants, hung onto other home decor items, or even used as party favors!

Bumble Bee Hanging Ornament
Bumble Bee Hanging Ornament – Source: aideaforhomedeco.site

9. Rose Gold Metal Sign

This sleek cursive sign made out of aluminum that says, “Hello Summer,” is a perfect summer decor idea for those who are looking for something classic and elegant without too bold of a pop of color. Its compact size also makes it extremely versatile. This would look perfect hung literally anywhere!

Rose Gold Metal Sign
Rose Gold Metal Sign – Source: homebnc.com

10. Summer Bucket List Art

Not only is this colorful artwork adorable, but it is also inspirational. This creation comes in a downloadable high-resolution image which allows you to do whatever you want with it. You can print it and frame it or you can have it mounted on canvas. It makes a colorful decoration and a great reminder of things to do for when the kids complain they’re bored this summer!

Summer Bucket List Art
Summer Bucket List Art – Source: homebnc.com

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