10 Fabulous DIY Garden Lamp Design Ideas for Perfect Garden Decoration

The idea of DIY outdoor lighting should not be limited to fairy lights. There are many creative and fun ways to accent in your backyard or garden using lights. Many of these lighting ideas begin with unusual materials, such as hanging lamps made of hula hoops. Recycled material is also the center of attention, with Mason jars and wine bottles stepping into the spotlights.

One funny idea that everyone will like is to make a small fire pit or a bowl of fire. One method of calling for using liquid alcohol is liquid, and another call to only make a small fire in the right container and around it with stones. This mini fire pit is a fun and unique accent in a fashionable backyard.

DIY Garden Lamp Design
DIY Garden Lamp Design

Here are beautiful DIY garden lighting ideas and you should try making it yourself in your home :

1. Beautiful jar lights with candles

Lights in jars are often the main idea in making DIY garden lights. Because the beauty and uniqueness of the jar lights are perfect for you to make one of your garden lights.

Beautiful Jar Lights With Candles
Beautiful Jar Lights With Candles – Source: gissur.se

2. Lamp Jar With Bulb

The jar lights that have many creations will be very confusing, of course, as the idea of DIY jar lights with this one bulb. This jar lamp is usually used and made for a park that uses a lot of bulb lights whether in a situation hanging or also attached to the wall.

Lamp Jar With Bulb
Lamp Jar With Bulb – Source: retroandrusticlamps.co.uk

3. Hula hoop hanging a lamp

Hula Hoop is often made for sports and playing by you, now you can use it to create beautiful works of your garden lights by wrapping decorative lights on the hula hoop.

Hula Hoop Hanging A Lamp
Hula Hoop Hanging A Lamp – Source: freshouz.com

4. A bulb with a carton

Ordinary bulb lights will look very boring to decorate our garden to make it look more beautiful, so try making a folding carton that is in the hole and joining it with your bulb. then you will get a simple beauty surprise.

Bulb With A Carton
Bulb With A Carton – Source: pinterest.ru

5. A bulb with Cheese Grater

grated cheese that is unused and rusty can be a beautiful work. Where you can make it a garden light outside your room or on your terrace.

Bulb With Cheese Grater
Bulb With Cheese Grater – Source: pinterest.ru

6. Ball Hanging Lights

Long decorative lights do have their own beauty, but what if we make it more beautiful and not too time-to consume. Like the idea below, the ball-shaped decorative lights will be the prettiest choice for your DIY garden lights.

Ball Hanging Lights
Ball Hanging Lights – Source: burrowsdevelopers.com

7. Garden Lights from Plant Sprinklers

Unused watering can you use as a beautiful decorative lamp. Where you can easily make it as if there are lights coming out like water from the sprinklers.

Garden Lights From Plant Sprinklers
Garden Lights From Plant Sprinklers – Source: diyprojects.ideas2live4.com

8. Beautiful Wax Jar

If you want to make a beautiful torch in your garden. Then you must see the creative ideas below.

Beautiful Wax Jar
Beautiful Wax Jar – Source: mix.com

9. Garden Lights in Wood

Wood that has a gap can be easily utilized to make a beautiful garden light. Like the picture below.

Garden Lights In Wood
Garden Lights In Wood – Source: pinterest.ru

10. Unique Garden Lights

You can also create unique shapes for your garden lights. Like the idea below.

Unique Garden Lights
Unique Garden Lights – Source: dewdirectory.com

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