20 Charming Shower Design Ideas for Small Houses

Terlepas dari gaya dan ukuran rumah Anda, kamar mandi merupakan bagian tak terpisahkan dari desain hunian. Itulah sebabnya kami memilih 25 model desain yang berbeda mulai dari yang modern hingga klasik, dari model dasar hingga ide-ide unik yang bahkan tidak Anda percayai. Mari lihat secara langsung.

Yang penting adalah apakah Anda memiliki kamar mandi berukuran super atau area kecil mini, yakinlah kita penuh dengan ide-ide hebat yang cukup untuk menginspirasi Anda dalam membangun kamar mandi impian di rumah.

Charming Shower Design
Charming Shower Design

1. Natural stone floors

If your bathroom is a little narrow, coating the floor with neutral and rough natural stones can be tried. This simple design reduces boredom in your small bathroom.

Natural stone floors

2. Focus on light

The floors and walls of the bathroom are all covered in brown marble. Adding a small light bulb in the bathroom turned out to be a good idea right?

Focus on light

3. Bring the auditorium to your bathroom

You can turn the bathroom into an auditorium where life outside is a live show. With the design of the bathroom wall using transparent glass placed in an open space where you can admire the city through it.

Bring the auditorium to your bathroom

4. Enchantment of natural stone

The combination of white natural stone with gray marble offers beautiful space that is still elegant for your bathroom. A small stool attached to the bathroom wall is a unique poetic design that allows you to enjoy quiet moments sitting on a bench.

Enchantment of natural stone

5. Transformation brings privacy to the bathroom

Just make the wall right from the entrance to the bathroom door. With the bottom of the brick, the upper half of the glass. Obviously, you have a private bathroom but it’s not free. Use color creatively by decorating the ceiling with a little warm color, such as a green contrast with cool black and white, to light up your bathroom space.

Transformation brings privacy to the bathroom

6. The bathroom has a large area

The advantage of a large and spacious bathroom is that you can comfortably choose a bathing location, soak in a relaxed white bath, or save time by using a shower installed in the corner of the room.

The bathroom has a large area

7. Bathroom under a sloping roof

Thank you for individual solutions from bathroom design experts. You can make full use of space smarter. The small bathroom mounted just below the slope of the roof helps save space.

Bathroom under a sloping roof

8. Beautiful niche

If you don’t want to use hard metal hangers and baskets to provide the essence of your bathroom, consider designing a nice niche on the bathroom wall, not a hanging place. Not only beautiful, but it is also equipped with a light bulb that makes it look like a closet.

Beautiful niche

9. Solution to expand bathroom space

The bathroom has a simple floor area but we guarantee that even if seen from the outside or inside the bathroom, there will be no barrier to your vision. The secret here is three transparent glass panels combined with a large mirror to create the fourth wall, creating 3d space to enhance the spacious effect of your bathroom.

Solution to expand bathroom space

10. Combination of various types of natural stone

The bathroom might be the least occupied space in the house, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change it with colorful ideas in the picture. A great combination of dark natural stone, lights, and water bring mysterious dreams to your bathroom.

Combination of various types of natural stone

11. Ceramic wall design

Large ceramic plates, brown to bronze, cover the bathroom walls so the design is simple but equally impressive and impressive.

Ceramic wall design

12. Bathroom and design 2 in 1

Maybe you would not believe the bathroom can be placed behind two rooms. That sounds ridiculous, right? Then look at this picture. Nothing is impossible with talented designers. Just install a good drainage system, nothing will make it difficult for you.

Bathroom and design 2 in 1

13. A fan in the bathroom

Do you believe that designers can summarize bathrooms in a large area of a square? If you don’t believe, look at this photo. The arc-shaped glass wall that was cleverly installed in the corner of the room created a fan-shaped washroom.

A fan in the bathroom

14. Disco style

Only by decorating the bathroom walls with shiny block bricks combined with water dancing from the shower every time you take a shower will add sparkle. As if playing on a disco dance floor.

Disco style

15. The composition is the opposite

Floor tiles with small hexagonal relief cover the bathroom floor to help decorate the area. The highlight of this design is an interesting contrast in the light of strong gray concrete walls and wood furniture that is polished in brown and medium.

The composition is the opposite

16. Bathroom with stone walls

Natural brownstones and line up to create a unique bathroom wall. This gives you the feeling of being in a tropical rainforest.

Bathroom with stone walls

17. Colorful bathroom walls

This is another example of a bathhouse design that is like a walkway with high brick walls. Then combined with the existing wall of the house to form a bathroom with a narrow rectangular floor area.

Colorful bathroom walls

18. Mosaic composition

We will suggest a simple but interesting idea to remove monotonous space in your bathroom. Try mosaics from just one wall with ceramic tiles that have patterned geometric blocks with all fancy colors to choose from.

Mosaic composition

19. Take advantage of every corner of your home

A good architect is someone who has never wasted space in your home. As in this picture, the designers took advantage of the corner of the house to turn it into a nice little bathroom. Not only that, there is a small bench attached to the bathroom wall.

Take advantage of every corner of your home

20. Bathroom in the attic

The bathroom placed in the attic is a rare trend, but very feasible. With today’s construction techniques, architects can actually design your sewer and not leak when placing your bathroom in this position.

Bathroom in the attic

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