10 Best Terrace House Design Ideas That You Should Know

The terrace of the house is part of the house that was first seen when entering the house, or also, the terrace can be regarded as the face of a house. We can also use the terrace as an open-air living room or a place to sit and relax while drinking a cup of tea or coffee. By paying attention to the aesthetic value of the home terrace model, you can create a model of a home terrace to make it look attractive.

Best Terrace House Design Ideas
Best Terrace House Design Ideas

And this time, we will discuss the amazing terrace design ideas that might interest you. Let’s listen to it completely!

1. House terrace with a fish pond

With a minimalist home concept, it would be suitable if you give a fish pond in front of the house to decorate your home terrace. With a touch of nature like this, your home will be more comfortable and your home terrace will be more beautiful, you will also be more comfortable when relaxing on the porch of your house.

Modern Garden Pond Designs
Modern Garden Pond Designs – Source: coftable.com
Fish Pond With Contemporary Design
Fish Pond With Contemporary Design – Source: decorordesign.com

2. Hanging rattan chair

By adding hanging rattan chairs like this, your home terrace will feel more unique and comfortable. By adding a small table and small plant pots, it will be more comfortable to use for relaxation.

Rattan Pod Hanging
Rattan Pod Hanging – Source: zugardens.com
Charming Pieces That'll Make Rattan
Charming Pieces That’ll Make Rattan – Source: hunker.com

3. Rustic style for your home terrace

This terrace is suitable for those of you who like natural nuances. The use of natural materials for decoration makes this terrace feel comfortable and warm. The use of wood accessories and colorful flower plants is very thick with a rustic feel.

Wooden House Terrace
Wooden House Terrace – Source: evakuatorspb.com
Rustic Outdoor Patio
Rustic Outdoor Patio – Source: betterdecoratingbible.com

4. All-wood house terrace

The terrace of this house seems very warm because of the use of wood on each side and the corner of the terrace. The homey and comfortable impression of this house terrace model can be seen if you use wood as a floor.

Terrace Wooden
Terrace Wooden – Source: yandex.com.tr
Stone Creek Camp
Stone Creek Camp – Source: modernacular.wordpress.com

5. House terrace with green grass

This house terrace is in great demand by many people. You can present the cool meadows to your home. Also, add a lounge chair and a small table to complement the terrace’s design. The use of the main door made of glass is of course also very useful for the design of the terrace of this house, because from inside the house we can enjoy the cool views of the terrace of our house.

Terrace Garden
Terrace Garden – Source: homify.in
Small Contemporary Garden
Small Contemporary Garden – Source: pinterest.cl

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