15 Beautiful Summer Living Room Decor Pieces To Enhance Your Home

Living rooms are made for relaxation, so update yours with a fresh new look that’s ideal for laid-back living during the summer months. Fresh white walls are the epitome of summer style and will allow you to experiment with different colors and themes against a works-with-everything backdrop.

A simple way to transform a cozy winter den into a summery sanctuary is to replace heavy fabrics, such as curtains. Voiles will let sunlight stream through your windows into your room, or if you’d prefer more privacy at night, choose a roller blind that won’t block out any natural light when it’s rolled up during the day.

Summer Living Room
Summer Living Room

1. Dipped Planters

This is the most perfect summer DIY project for the home and it turns out to be so much fun too! Dip some white planters in bold, summer-like colors and give your greens a pop!

Trendy DIY Concrete Projects
Trendy DIY Concrete Projects – Source: lining-shop.info
DIY Paint Dipped Paint
DIY Paint Dipped Paint – Source: eastcoastcreativeblog.com
Cement Planters
Cement Planters – Source: construyendo-puentes.org

2. Green Grass for the Living Room

Sprinkle some grass green around the house for an extra pop of summertime flair. From the living room throw pillows to the lampshades, this works when it’s time to infuse some of the seasons into your decor.

Green Sofa Ikea King Sofa
Green Sofa Ikea King Sofa – Source: kingsofa2017.blogspot.com
Fabulous Comfy Green Living Room
Fabulous Comfy Green Living Room – Source: drabtofabdesign.com
Best Ways To Redecorate With Green
Best Ways To Redecorate With Green – Source: cgvalley.com

3. Lemon in the living room

Lemon is another perfect addition when you drive clearly from the blue winters. Whether they’re in a fruit basket on the kitchen table hiding in a pharmacy jar on the porch, they work! The lemon decoration or design in the summer living room is also defined by the color design in the living room with the concept of bright colors such as fresh lemon in the summer.

Living Room Colour Schemes
Living Room Colour Schemes – Source: idealhome.co.uk
Interior Color Scheme For Living Room
Interior Color Scheme For Living Room – Source: interiordecoratingcolors.com
Grey Living Room Design Ideas
Grey Living Room Design Ideas – Source: vashpovar.com

4. Beautiful Tulips Anywhere

And then we have tulips, which are a quintessential summertime flower and they work anywhere in the house too. Whether they’re woven in your welcome wreath or dawning a vase in the dining room!

Lounge Decor Styles Home Design
Lounge Decor Styles Home Design – Source: do-design.info
Flower Interior
Flower Interior – Source: wallpaperscraft.com
ECLECTIC LIVING ROOM INTERIOR – Source: housedecorinterior.blogspot.com

5. Mason jars in the living room

Summer is a great time to whip out some mason jars. They’re versatile for tons of DIY projects or just to use as vases, planters and more around the house as is.

Home Decor With Flowers
Home Decor With Flowers – Source: governorelectricksnyder.com
Gold Mason Jars Pint
Gold Mason Jars Pint – Source: ebay.com.hk
Antique Mason Jar Terrarium
Antique Mason Jar Terrarium – Source: weddbook.com

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