10 Stunning Backyard Pool Ideas For A Comfortable Relaxation Place

Many people believed that swimming is one best way of maintaining the body’s shape and health. Since many people said that swimming is a kind of activity where someone can perform some cardio activities and it is much easier than biking or running. So it is the best way to have a constant exercise even once a week while enjoying the quality time with the family. But we must have to consider some advantages and disadvantages of installing the swimming pool in our house.

Indeed it is true that swimming pool is one of the most captivated assets in our dream house because most of the time it is the best place to hold the occasions for the family. Hence we may say that it is good to have our own swimming pool in our backyard. This will provide us the best spaces where we can relax and unwind from the stressful work in the office. Now we have gathered some different backyard pool ideas installed by some pool designers. And we are hoping that this will help you decide on what theme you will prefer for your available area in your house. Scroll down and see the images of these 10 Backyard Swimming Pool Ideas below.

Backyard Pool Ideas
Backyard Pool Ideas

1. Tropical Pool

Definitely, a more natural and tropical theme of a swimming pool can be offered in our own backyard like this.

Fancy City Backyard Landscaping Ideas
Fancy City Backyard Landscaping Ideas – Source: outdoorhouseplan.com

2. Linya

The umbrella and creative landscape is the best idea to make this area more appealing and natural.

Differences Between Above Ground
Differences Between Above Ground – Source: hqpool.com

3. Ark Night Pools

For a limited space in the backyard, this lap pool surrounded with green plants and a wooden fence is enough to have a relaxing area in the house.

Pool And Area Lighting CM Electrical
Pool And Area Lighting CM Electrical – Source: thetransformerplace.com

4. Eclectic Backyard Pools

Pool spas and proper lighting improve the small swimming pool in this backyard that attracts the visitor, especially at night.

Small Inground Pool DIY
Small Inground Pool DIY – Source: uggonsaleuk.info

5. Long Island Pool

For kids who wanted to play even in the swimming pool, the idea of putting a small basketball ring is one great way of adding more fun in the bonding time.

Latest News Long Island Pool
Latest News Long Island Pool – Source: gibbonspools.com

6. Aquatech

This swimming pool may look small but surely it is enough to have a balance in this stress-free zone that surrounded with rich plants and flowers.

Aquatech Gold Award
Aquatech Gold Award – Source: omahapoolbuilder.com

7. The Maisonnette

Elegance and luxury are well displayed in this area most especially during sunset and night time.

Traditional Pool House All Air Conditioning
Traditional Pool House All Air Conditioning – Source: homeaway.co.uk

8. Kaneria

Rectangular shaped pools installed in your backyard also complements with the furniture and landscape used in this available space in your home.

Above Ground Pool Landscaping
Above Ground Pool Landscaping – Source: gann.preparedineveryway.com

9. Molly Wood

Here is the small swimming pool perfect for a small space in your backyard that is enclosed with a clean white fence and green grass.

Cozy Molly Wood Garden
Cozy Molly Wood Garden – Source: bestvuz.org

10. Woodhouse

With a wide space in the backyard, you may freely create a swimming pool that will cater fun and enjoyment of the family.

Small Pool House Designs
Small Pool House Designs – Source: turismoestrategico.co

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