10 Awesome Living Room Curtain Design Ideas to Upgrade Your Home

The design of your living room presents the first impression that sets the tone of your home’s style and your personal tastes. This means there’s plenty of room for making that statement boldly and unabashedly all about you and what you love. When it comes to nailing the details for window treatments, curtains play a pivotal role in setting the mood and pulling all those design elements together.

When shuffling between your favorite living room curtain ideas, there are a few key points to consider. The dimensions and overall placement of windows in a wall may determine how long and wide you need your curtains to be. The color choice comes next and with it the right kind of fabric pattern to match or contrast the rest of the room’s decor.

Awesome Living Room Curtain
Awesome Living Room Curtain

The cut and style of the curtains also create an important impact, and your choice of pleating, gathering or folding can be used to further highlight the design of the fabric and the tone of the room. Whether you decide to use your living room curtains to fit into the primary elements of your design or feature them as an accent piece, here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Two-Toned Lattice Made to Match

When you’re working with a neutral, monochrome palette in a smaller room, then consider matching your curtains to the primary color in the scheme. This helps space feels bigger and more relaxing. A two-toned lattice fabric pattern offers just enough interesting detail without looking too busy.

Two Toned Lattice Made To Match
Two-Toned Lattice Made To Match – Source: katrinablair.com

2. Maxi-Length Gingham Warms It Up

Rooms with cathedral ceilings can present such a challenge when it comes to appropriately stylish window treatments. Not only does it take a lot of fabric, but a patterned fabric can stand out too much–and yet, a plain fabric looks too blocky. A simple but classic gingham pattern in a soft, neutral color saves the day.

Maxi Length Gingham Warms It Up
Maxi Length Gingham Warms It Up – Source: adventuresindecorating1.blogspot.com

3. Alternating Damask in a Statement Shade

A damask print makes a lovely curtain pattern, although it can be a little too busy when the print takes over the entire piece of fabric. Using it as a stamp with alternating placement maintains its classical elegance without darkening the room with too much pattern.

Alternating Damask In A Statement Shade
Alternating Damask In A Statement Shade – Source: balancinghome.com

4. Pleated Floor-Length Modern Romance

When styling with overstuffed couches and dark wood furniture, breezy and sheer living room curtain ideas play well with keeping the mood romantic and classic at the same time. Light chiffon panels in a bright neutral do just the trick when hung from a decorative rod, especially when there are multiple windows that can be covered by a single track.

Pleated Floor Length Modern Romance
Pleated Floor Length Modern Romance – Source: crazy-wonderful.com

5. Country Chic With Sheer Textured Warmth

Pleated chiffon offers a room so much texture while still being an incredibly versatile fabric to work with many different styles. For a living room that brings the outdoors inside, it softens the rustic style by being just sheer enough to diffuse light as it comes through the window.

Country Chic With Sheer Textured Warmth
Country Chic With Sheer Textured Warmth – Source: twelveonmain.com

6. Bordered Damask and Accordion-Style Folds

When a wall has only one window or has tall and thin windows, a full sheet curtain can give you an opportunity to make a big and bold statement with the pattern and style at the same time. The geometric border around this damask print creates an interesting dynamic between a modern and classic style that the unconventional fold draping enhances.

Bordered Damask And Accordion Style Folds
Bordered Damask And Accordion Style Folds – Source: etsy.com

7. Big and Bold Stripes From Ceiling to Floor

If your living room has a long wall and a lot of windows, consider playing with those dimensions by using wide stripes in alternating colors. Keep the colors neutral so you aren’t sacrificing the perception of size in your living room and make sure to hang them high.

Big And Bold Stripes From Ceiling To Floor
Big And Bold Stripes From Ceiling To Floor – Source: infarrantlycreative.net

8. Revving It Up With Two-Toned Chevron

The chevron pattern remains a popular choice for home designs and rightfully so. Its simplicity doesn’t take away from the dynamic visual it creates, especially when it comes to living room curtain ideas and the possibility for unique design choices. Because the pattern can blend so well with so many styles, you can get away with choosing colors that accent the room rather than match the primary scheme.

Revving It Up With Two Toned Chevron
Revving It Up With Two-Toned Chevron – Source: bumpkinbetty.com

9. Color Blocking With Neutrals and Brights

Pops of bright color can be easier to pull off in an otherwise neutral, monochrome room design when they’re kept to a minimum and repeated through a few key pieces. Using it in thinner panels that border more toned-down ones lets you get away with a bold and bright color that doesn’t distract from the other design touches in the rest of the living room.

Color Blocking With Neutrals And Brights
Color Blocking With Neutrals And Brights – Source: darlingdalydesign.blogspot.com

10. Trendy Vintage Jacobean Floral Designs

Cozy, classic floral designs like these never go out of style for living room designs. They can be elegant and warm in a room with rich, natural wood furniture–or they can set off a boho-chic vibe when paired with a variety of patterns and textures. Anything goes when they’re worked into whimsical color palettes.

Trendy Vintage Jacobean Floral Designs
Trendy Vintage Jacobean Floral Designs – Source: southernhospitalityblog.com

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