9 Perfect DIY Lantern To Decorate Every Corner Of Your Home

Who doesn’t know lanterns? Decorating this paper will produce dim light. This is what makes it even more beautiful to use as a room decoration. Actually, that’s not all. The lantern shape is not only rounded, but you can also make various other shapes so that the decor is more attractive.

Attractive and amazing lanterns will make the atmosphere of your home also more festive and full of colors and shapes. Besides beautifying, the light from the lantern will also affect the comfort of your room. Do you also want to decorate the corners of the house with this lantern? Calm down, no need to buy! Because the following lantern creations can be made by yourself!

Perfect DIY Lantern To Decorate
Perfect DIY Lantern To Decorate

1. Mini Gallon Lanterns and Plastic Spoons

A mini gallon lantern and a plastic spoon are guaranteed to make everyone who sees it immediately fall in love.

Ultimate DIY Water Bottle
Ultimate DIY Water Bottle – Source: www.pinterest.ru

2. Attach Plastic Cups to the Whole Body of the Lantern

By installing several plastic cups, the dim light produced will make this lantern look elegant.

DIY Creative Paper Laterns
DIY Creative Paper Lanterns – Source: musely.com

3. Use Sleeping Lights with Paper Glasses

You can hang it on the wall of the room or across the room.

Recycle Paper Cups Tower Lamp
Recycle Paper Cups Tower Lamp – Source: populardiycrafts.blogspot.com
Paper Cup Lamp DIY
Paper Cup Lamp DIY – Source: dk.tubeagents.com

4. Lanterns with Soda Cans

What is the hobby of drinking soft drinks? Collect used cans, because used soda cans can be used as raw materials for lanterns. Examples like the following picture.

Bright DIY Outdoor Lantern Ideas
Bright DIY Outdoor Lantern Ideas – Source: diyprojects.com

5. Balloon and Thread Lanterns Use

You can get yourself armed only with balloons and threads. for example, as shown below.

Lanterns Threads
Lanterns Threads – Source: pinterest.ru
How To Make A Chandelier Of Threads
How To Make A Chandelier Of Threads – Source: trendexmexico.com

6. Magic Bottles and Bottles Become Colorful Lanterns

Armed with a little creativity, you can make lanterns from jars and bottles yourself.

Glass Lanterns Do It Yourself
Glass Lanterns Do It Yourself – Source: alittlebitofglass.wordpress.com
DIY Garden Lantern Ideas
DIY Garden Lantern Ideas – Source: diytutorials.org

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