15 Beautiful and Simple Minimalist Home Porch Designs

When there are guests who are visiting the house, the first thing that is certainly seen is the front porch of your house. In general, the terrace is located at the front of the house, although some are indeed located on the side or at the back of the house. Because of its location on the front, of course, the terrace will be the center of attention.

Not only that, but the terrace of the house is also regarded as a reflection of the house itself and at the same time giving the first impression to guests. Therefore, you must be able to design and organize your home terrace well. When designing patios, most people want a pretty and simple terrace. Therefore, many are interested in applying the concept of a simple minimalist home terrace design.

Minimalist Home Porch
Minimalist Home Porch

Here is a collection of inspirational pictures of simple minimalist patio designs that have been collected for you!

1. Simple Beautiful Terrace

With two minimalist chairs for relaxing and waiting for guests. There is a pool, containing live lotus flowers, making your terrace look sweet and different.

Simple Beautiful Terrace
Simple Beautiful Terrace – Source: pinterest.com

2. Comfortable Sofa and Lamp Decoration

Provides comfort for every terrace that has it. The decoration of the lights placed on the table and terrace floor will certainly give its own romance when lit at night.

Comfortable Sofa And Lamp Decoration
Comfortable Sofa And Lamp Decoration – Source: yandex.com

3. Rattan Hanging Chairs

With this chairlift, it certainly makes your terrace unique and different from other terraces. Adding decorative pillows can be done for extra comfort. The small table on the terrace is even more beautiful with green cactus plants.

Rattan Hanging Chairs
Rattan Hanging Chairs – Source: pinterest.com

4. Vertical Garden on the Terrace

Giving plants is the right answer if you only have a narrow space for a garden terrace at home. The use of translucent furniture sets like this will also make the terrace look more spacious and minimalist.

Vertical Garden On The Terrace
Vertical Garden On The Terrace – Source: pinterest.com

5. Green And Homey

A small green lime sofa managed to brighten up the porch of this house. Of course, the color of the sofa collaborates beautifully with green plant pots on the porch of the house. Placement of earth-colored carpets also looks harmonious with the overall patio design.

Green And Homey
Green And Homey – Source: terasminimalis.com

6. Terrace with Fish Pond

The right choice if you often relax on the terrace, whether you drink tea or read a book. The sound of the flow and splash of water from the pool will calm your heart and mind and your family.

Terrace With Fish Pond
Terrace With Fish Pond – Source: pinterest.com

7. Minimalist Modern Patio Table and Chair Set

With a dreamy style, it is best to be chosen when choosing furniture for a minimalist terrace. Neutral furniture colors are also harmonious with the exterior color palette of the house. Dark wood floors also give a luxurious and warm impression on the terrace.

Minimalist Modern Patio Table And Chair Set
Minimalist Modern Patio Table And Chair Set – Source: pinterest.com

8. Minimalist All-Wood Terrace

Ranging from partitions to furniture, making the house look more beautiful natural. Monochrome pillows for seating on the terrace look pretty sitting sweeten the terrace. Don’t forget the beauty of the vertical garden on the terrace wall!

Minimalist All Wood Terrace
Minimalist All Wood Terrace – Source: pinterest.com

9. Picture of a Classic Home Terrace

Dreaming of a terrace with a rocking chair you would have dreamed of before. Enjoying the remaining days lying down on a lounger or sitting in a rocking chair, while enjoying the beauty of the environment, who doesn’t want to?

Picture Of A Classic Home Terrace
Picture Of A Classic Home Terrace – Source: pinterest.com

10. Pretty Minimalist Tiny Terrace

For those of you who like to spend time alone. A chair has a modern and stylish design ready to accompany you to read a book while enjoying the pleasure of favorite coffee. In addition, plant pots are also essential decorations for a more lively and lush terrace.

Pretty Minimalist Tiny Terrace
Pretty Minimalist Tiny Terrace РSource: atmedia.net

11. Terrace of a Beautiful Home

Thanks to smart wall vents and sweet plant placement. Two rattan chairs that are placed dragged face to face with the right distance, allowing you to have pleasant talks with family members, as well as guests.

Terrace Of A Beautiful Home
Terrace Of A Beautiful Home – Source: pinterest.com

12. Minimalist Terrace with a Touch of Summer

This design was successfully applied with a touch of summer colors such as orange and blue. The freshness of the color combination provides its own aesthetic value for this terrace. As a result, home terraces are your favorite place for your family!

Minimalist Terrace With A Touch Of Summer
Minimalist Terrace With A Touch Of Summer – Source: pinterest.com

13. Present Terrace Model

Shows the warmth of the house from outside with earth or earth tone color palette. The selection of classic lights with yellow light will strengthen the warmth of the entire terrace design. Make sure your minimalist house has a simple design so that your terrace is the center of attention.

Present Terrace Model
Present Terrace Model – Source: pinterest.com

14. Model of a Luxury House Terrace

For those of you who want to welcome special guests. Decorative pillows and homey-looking seating, as well as tables made of wood, make the porch of this house give a warm and beautiful natural impression, just like today’s terrace models that many people want.

Model Of A Luxury House Terrace
Model Of A Luxury House Terrace – Source: yandex.com

15. Folding Tables and Chairs With Simple Designs

It is suitable to be placed on a small terrace in your home. Hanging plants are never outdated! Use black or white pots for your hanging plants for a minimalist look. Simple outboard lights can also sweeten your terrace.

Folding Tables And Chairs With Simple Designs
Folding Tables And Chairs With Simple Designs – Source: homedit.com

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