14 Special Bedroom Interior Decorating Ideas You Have To Apply

The specialty of a minimal bedroom design is indeed not to be underestimated, especially with the addition of a monochrome color palette, the demand will increase. Likewise in the design of this bedroom. The bedroom is very useful as a place to rest should be warm and healthy eyes.

Sometimes having a small room confuses how to set the furniture and dress it up. But with creative ideas such as the use of attractive colors, and the right furniture, you can also decorate beautifully and comfortably. This time I want to show you some of the creative interior design ideas of choice for you.

Special Bedroom Interior
Special Bedroom Interior

1. All-White Room

A simple way to make the room visual appear wider is to use white. For example, like this all-white room, starting from the walls, furniture, until the sheets and curtains are all white. This may seem very neutral, but this is a good solution because it can produce a bedroom that is wider, more luminous and certainly clean.

1 All White Bedroom
All White Bedroom

2. Rack Wall

Placing a lot of shelves in a narrow room, it will definitely make it even more crowded. So it’s better to build a wall shelf up to the top to place your favorite items and book collections.

2 Rack Walls In The Bedroom
Rack Walls In The Bedroom

3. Bright and Neutral Colors

Neutral colors like the ones you see in this picture can be applied to small rooms. Gray and gold can bring peace. The wall on the head of the bed is also very artistic with beautiful lighting. although the room is small but can display elegance.

3 Bright And Neutral Colors For The Bedroom
Bright And Neutral Colors For The Bedroom

4. Combination of Two Colors on the Wall

Making decorative rooms can be dressed from the walls, where you can combine two colors. For the right and left walls select bright colors, and the walls of the bed choose dark colors. Then match it with wood furniture and brightly colored sheets.

4 Combining Two Colors On The Bedroom Wall
Combining Two Colors On The Bedroom Wall

5. Red Brick

The room is so small but feels cool. Well, if you want to experiment with new things, you can follow it by presenting a red brick on the wall and placing the painting. Yup, by applying a number of textures and patterns, these rooms turn out to be unique.

5 Red Bedroom Bricks
Red Bedroom Bricks

6. Design With Natural Light

In a small room, it is great if you can bring natural light. Look at this picture, the brightness of the incoming sunlight is so compatible with the classic decor. You can also rest while enjoying natural lighting in your small bedroom. One of our favorites!

6 Design Bedrooms With Natural Light
Design Bedrooms With Natural Light

7. Color Details

In this small bedroom, our attention is taken by the game of color detail on the fabric of the pillow, the bed lamp, the artwork on the bed and also the curtain fabric. This is what makes this room feel wider and more pleasant.

7 Color Details In The Bedroom
Color Details In The Bedroom

8. Different Wall Designs

If you have a small bedroom, you can make a decoration that can shift your eyes to the dimensions of the space. This can be achieved with brightly colored walls, then decorate with a wall sticker on it.

8 Different Wall Designs In The Bedroom
Different Wall Designs In The Bedroom

9. Industrial Style Room

The texture and color of bricks can also provide the same effect as the previous image, which can distract from a small size. This room is also very special, with a very comfortable industrial style.

9 Industrial Style Bedroom
Industrial Style Bedroom

10. Gray tone

With various shades of gray that are never out of date, you can get a homey and comfortable atmosphere. Very suitable for your small bedroom.

10 Bedrooms With Gray Tones
Bedrooms With Gray Tones

11. Fresh Small Rooms

If fresh nuances can bring your mood into excitement, don’t hesitate to paint the walls with bright colors like orange. The proof is that this pretty room is so cool and gives a fresh feel to the restroom.

11 Small Fresh Bedroom
Small Fresh Bedroom

12. Storage Under the Bed

Well designed and keeping tidiness, under-bed storage shelves are the right solution for small bedrooms. Especially with the combination of yellow and blue make this tiny room fresh and comfortable!

12 Storage Under The Bed
Storage Under The Bed

13. Romantic rooms

Even though it’s small, we can’t leave a romantic touch. This small, simple and beautiful room is dressed in a classic style, with a selection of beautiful furniture. Romance in a variety of floral motifs and pink tones from textiles makes this room a pleasant retreat.

13 Romantic Bedrooms
Romantic Bedrooms

14. Wallpaper

Use the wallpaper and play with the wall paint you like, then decorate the head of the bed as beautifully as possible, or select one of the walls for your decor.

14 Wallpaper In The Bedroom
Wallpaper In The Bedroom

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