14 Amazing Ideas for Narrow Bedroom Designs That Can Make Your Sleep Comfortable

A bedroom is the most important resting place. But, what if you have a narrow bedroom design? Thinking about the area for storage, maximizing the function of the room to find design inspiration to create a dream bedroom is not easy.

And also We know exactly the dilemma you face when you have to deal with a narrow bedroom design. Many tips and tips about the design of narrow bedrooms that you can apply, starting from making storage at the bottom of the bed to choosing versatile furniture for the right space solution.

Amazing Ideas For Narrow Bedroom
Amazing Ideas For Narrow Bedroom

There are many more ways to handle the design of the narrow bedroom that we will provide, let’s read it to completion!

1. Utilizing the Ceiling Area

For a narrow bedroom design, the challenge is to create an extra flat surface. So it’s time for you to start thinking creatively and see gaps that are often overlooked. Yes! Where else if not your bedroom ceiling. Hanging the bedroom decor above not only frees the lower area to be wider but also draws attention and perspective for more flexible and narrow bedroom design.

Great For Small Bedroom With High Ceilings
Great For Small Bedroom With High Ceilings – Source: hgtvhome.sndimg.com
Utilizing The Ceiling Area
Utilizing The Ceiling Area – Source: 3dartistonline.com

2. Take advantage of the Bedroom Wall

Finished with the ceiling of the room in your narrow bedroom design, we turned to another surface, the wall. Because large-sized furniture such as beds has dominated the floor of the room, the best way to create a more flowing flow of space is to hang wall decorations. This arrangement will create the illusion of a more flexible interior theme in the design of your narrow bedroom.

Painting Brick Walls White
Painting Brick Walls White – Source: pinterest.com
Small Bedroom Hacks
Small Bedroom Hacks – Source: pinterest.com

3. Extra Features for Wall Beds

Make the wall of your bed as the main star in the design of your narrow bedroom. Thus, you can have a narrow bedroom design that has character and also attracts attention. There are many ways to make creative bed walls, for example, using bedroom paint colors in different colors, using wallpaper walls, and using beautiful bed headboards. The goal is to create a small gallery in your narrow bedroom design with a different personal style.

Murphy Bed Storage
Murphy Bed Storage – Source: closetcity.com
Murphy Beds & Wall Beds Gallery
Murphy Beds & Wall Beds Gallery – Source: californiaclosets.ca

4. Folding Furniture Will Make More Flexible

To save the design area of your narrow bedroom floor, especially for bedroom furniture which is usually the most dominating, just use furniture that is flexible alias can be folded. You can also glance at other types of folding types of furniture such as study tables or dressing tables. There is also other creative storage that can be tucked easily after being folded so you can have a brilliant hidden place for your belongings.

Awesome Bedroom Design
Awesome Bedroom Design – Source: pinterest.com
Bed Desk Combos Save Space
Bed Desk Combos Save Space – Source: pinterest.com

5. Research the Function of the Bedroom Door

The size and function of the doors for maximum narrow bedroom designs must be considered carefully. The direction of opening and closing the door also determines the space left in the design of your narrow bedroom. It is not uncommon for the door to open to the inside of the bedroom so that it seizes the remaining space and makes traffic activities impractical. If this is an obstacle that you encounter in the design of your narrow bedroom, then consider replacing traditional doors with stylish sliding or folding doors.

Concrete Finish Studio Apartments
Concrete Finish Studio Apartments – Source: bluecreekmalta.com
Sliding Walls & Doors
Sliding Walls & Doors – Source: raydoor.com

6. Brilliant Mirror Touch

For a narrow bedroom design, the mirror is the most effective interior helper. Medium to large sized mirrors can be placed almost anywhere and still look elegant and stylish. The mirror not only makes the room appear twice as big but also reflects light reflection.

Brilliant Small Space Designs
Brilliant Small Space Designs – Source: pinterest.com
How To Make A Small Bedroom Feel Bigger
How To Make A Small Bedroom Feel Bigger – Source: apartmenttherapy.info

7. Choose a Character Full Design

To design a small bedroom full of characters, try to choose a theme that is leaning towards another interior style, unique, and different. Choose a bold style that reflects your taste and at the same time turn your attention to the size of the restroom. Start coloring with walls, bed linen colors, and unusual wall wallpapers. Unique details on furniture will also help turn on the narrow bedroom design.

Colorful Cottage Bedroom
Colorful Cottage Bedroom – Source: pinterest.com
Small Bedroom Ideas
Small Bedroom Ideas – Source: condecdn.net

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