12 Beautiful Paris Style Decorating Ideas for Dream Apartments

The design and decoration of this one European style have many fans because of the very beautiful and simple decoration in an apartment. Many Paris-style apartments have attractive architecture. French people are known to enjoy life and give more value to their homes. Through setting up magazines and films in Paris, we can see how the French style decor.

The French style decor values all the beautiful things that make the quality more attractive. Starting from the selection of furniture to the placement of furniture itself. As the name implies, decoration with Paris style uses a lot of furniture with typical Europe Like some Paris style decoration ideas in the apartment below.

Beautiful Paris Style Decorating
Beautiful Paris Style Decorating

1. The quiet and soft color palette in a Paris-style apartment

Paris apartments are known to be dark, so walls are usually made white to maximize the amount of light. But if you want color, make an accent on the wall. For all, it looks elegant with softer and fewer color choices on furniture and accessories. An excellent monochrome paint scheme combined with white, linen, mint, bright blue or ash wall coating.

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2. Typical Furniture For Paris Style

This is where you can add French style to your home. If you read reviews about the influence of French style, you will see that evolution in many styles of French furniture. Choose what you like, because usually, French style dwellings are not excessive in style.

Parisian Apartment Furniture
Parisian Apartment Furniture – Source: pinterest.com
Parisian Apartment Decorated
Parisian Apartment Decorated – Source: mydesignagenda.com

3. Herringbone on the walls and floors of apartments

Large or small Paris apartments have historic and elegant flavors. You can start with your wall. Usually, this design style has the details and style of the herringbone floor. To show this display, you can add decorations to the walls and wood floors.

Herringbone On Walls And Floors
Herringbone On Walls And Floors – Source: wordpress.com
Chevron Floor Empty Room
Chevron Floor Empty Room – Source: pinterest.com

4. Beautiful Parisian apartment lighting

This might be a bit corny, but hanging a chandelier on a dining table or in the living room is the simplest way to introduce a small Parisian style to a dwelling. Although the French interior generally looks calm, there are usually several statements in the form of antique or vintage lamps. France is also known for its originality in lighting, this is also a way to make statements in the room.

This Parisian Apartment
This Parisian Apartment – Source: homedit.com
This Paris Apartment Is A Stunning Mix Of Modern Design
This Paris Apartment Is A Stunning Mix Of Modern Design – Source: sharpmagazine.com

5. Carpet area in the apartment

Do you have wood or ceramic floors, add the top layer with the carpet. The use of carpets can show your elegant design style. Large carpets are characteristic of Paris-style apartment floors. Although the herringbone floor looks beautiful, the disadvantage is that walking on it makes noise, so thick carpets are a way to muffle sounds and add color. You can choose bright or patterned colors that can give a contrasting color to the white walls.

Design Lover Studio Paris
Design Lover Studio Paris – Source: pinterest.com
Apartment Carpet Area
Apartment Carpet Area – Source: pinterest.com

6. Wider Paris Style Apartment Window

If French apartments can be decorated in a minimalist style, some French dwellings also adopt a touch of luxury, such as dramatic silk curtains and hanging on the floor. Emphasizing the beauty of the window adds to the beauty of the room. You can make your own curtains by buying fabrics at affordable prices or using other alternatives to make the window look more beautiful.

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Paris Perfect Champagne Apartment Living Room – Source: sosedi-online.ru
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