10 Fun Rustic Bathroom Decorations Ideas For You Try

In the midst of the development of modern designs for bathrooms, the concept of rustic decoration that is synonymous with outdated style has now become one of the styles that are again in great demand and attract enough attention. Especially when the rustic style is combined with a modern design concept that looks sophisticated and elegant. So that the combination of bathroom design with modern rustic style produces a charming and quite unique decoration.

The rustic concept that is inherent with classic and natural nuances makes the bathroom more comfortable and as it is. That side makes the rustic concept easily combined with modern concepts through several elements.

Rustic Bathroom Decorations
Rustic Bathroom Decorations

1. Rustic Throwback Decor

Spotlighting the beauty of natural materials gives the rustic decor a classic feel. The color of the wood in this vanity and mirror combination creates a soft, neutral atmosphere that’s laid back and even a little nostalgic. Even this modern vessel sink takes on an old-fashioned pump-and-bowl look in this interior. A perfect space for taking it easy.

1 Rustic Throwback Decor
Rustic Throwback Decor – Source: paradyz.com

2. Playing With Natural Hues

For a smaller bathroom with a rustic feel, stick with the basics. The wood paneling on the wall and the stone tile on the floor create a naturalistic and serene color palette. For contrast, modern light fixtures and mirrors over the stainless steel faucets in the his-and-hers sinks help keep the space from feeling outdated.

2 Playing With Natural Hues
Playing With Natural Hues – Source: bhg.com

3. An Outdoor Shower Indoors

If you’ve ever been to a tropical resort or mountain retreat, you know that an open-air, outdoor shower can be one of the most refreshing parts of the experience. Enjoy that feeling every day by bringing your outdoor shower in. This beautiful door-less shower unit blends perfectly with the color of the floor and the secondary color of the mirror frame. The aged patina of the stone is a wonderful match for that of the wooden vanity, making for a very natural-feeling combination.

3 An Outdoor Shower Indoors
An Outdoor Shower Indoors – Source: pinterest.com

4. Play With Proportion

Going rustic with your bathroom decor should never mean having to go small. In this space. the small sink serves mainly to highlight the sheer size of the mirror behind it and the massive wooden beam beneath it. Playing with proportions like this is a great way to keep the eye entertained, especially in spaces that don’t vary the color or pattern much.

4 Play With Proportion
Play With Proportion – Source: jamaicacottageshop.com

5. A Touch Of Rustic

If giving your bathroom the full log cabin treatment isn’t quite your style, you can still enjoy a bit of rustic flavor in your powder room. In this bathroom, the tile and streamlined, modern sink are beautifully juxtaposed with this simple wooden shelf, left unfinished for a reclaimed look. The wood takes center stage as the slate-gray tone of the sink and tile allow the natural wood tone to really pop.

5 A Touch Of Rustic
A Touch Of Rustic – Source: pinterest.com

6. Mixing In The Modern

By keeping a strong color palette you can mix influences from different styles. A chocolate brown shade that complements the wood tones of the vanity and mirror allows this modern, inspirational art to fit right in.

6 Mixing In The Modern
Mixing In The Modern – Source: thespruce.com

7. More Than Wood

When it comes to bathrooms, there’s more to rustic decor than just wood. If you haven’t noticed them yet, vessel (or bowl) sinks are another staple of the style that you’ll see again and again. These stylish pieces are available in several materials including granite and bronze, in keeping with the theme of natural elements or clean, sleek porcelain for a contrast.

7 More Than Wood
More Than Wood – Source: thespruce.com

8. Caught In The Rain

Rustic style is all about adding a sense of nature and rural living to your space, and what could be more natural than rain? This amazing shower fixture lets you have the feeling of being caught in the rain every day no matter what the forecast may be. Paired with a natural stone wall and an earth-tone color palette, this shower may just be the perfect finishing touch for your escapist powder room decor.

8 Caught In The Rain
Caught In The Rain – Source: pinterest.com

9. Mixing Influences

Like any other style, creating a bathroom with rustic appeal never has to be an all or nothing proposition. Designing a unique and interesting space often means blending influences and elements in complementary ways. In this bathroom, rustic elements like the wood floor, vintage lighting, and old-fashioned cross-handle faucets are paired with the industrial look of the painted brick wall and tub for a very cool look.

9 Mixing Influences
Mixing Influences – Source: thespruce.com

10. Bring In The Elements

This stunning metal vessel sink is a beautiful complement to the stone walls and wood vanity of this powder room. When decorating in rustic style remember to bring in all the elements. The mix of stone, wood, and metal in this bathroom, together with the plants, gives it a serene, temple-like feel.

10 Bring In The Elements
Bring In The Elements – Source: pinterest.com

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